Chair/Bed Cover

Disposable medical non-woven sheet/chair cover

More than 20% cost savings compared with traditional cloth disinfection

  • Ethylene oxide is used to sterilize the product. The sterilization period is two years.

  • This product is made of composite non-woven fabric and leather band by cutting and sewing the lock edge.

  • Surface (non-woven): A light, dry surface of non-woven fabric, soft and breathable, moisture can quickly penetrate downward and keep the surface dry.

  • Bottom layer (PE film): Effective leak-proof, prevent dirty bedsheets, bedclothes.

  • The elastic belt at both ends can be set on the bed to prevent sliding, soft and suitable, non-stimulating, clean and sanitary, safe and convenient to use.

  • Soft non-woven fabrics face up and touch the body directly, PE film layer is below (smooth surface is PE film layer).

  • This product can be disposed and destroyed quickly after one-time use, one person, one bed.